Civil Installation

New Site Build:

Providing civil installation for new sites including slabs, shelters, masts, steel, mounts, pipes and conduits for telecom sites with high quality and good time frames to meet our customers targets.

Steel Work:

We provide and install required steel construction for new and existing tower and rooftop telecom sites including fabrication, galvanization and installation of masts, chairs, mounts, as well as concrete slabs.

Telecom Installation and Commissioning


Providing full TI services for BTS, Node B. and LTE sites including power cables, data cables, fiber patch cords, racks, batteries, power up, commissioning and testing.


Microwave installation and testing, fiber cables and multiplexers installation and other transmission media.

Switching (CS/PS):

Data Centers:


Electrical Power (AC/DC):

Supplying reliable AC/DC panels and components and installing main AC control panels according to ESA requirements.


Providing and installing high efficiency HVAC and Free Cooling systems to control the ambient environment (temperature, humidity, air flow, and air filtering) of telecom sites.

Testing Service

Power up and Function:

Inspecting connections and installation specification of telecom installations, powering up and test functionality of installed


Performing sweep testing for fiber cables, LMR400 cables, feeders, jumpers and antennas.


Performing RFC 2544, BERT testing.

Signal & RF:

Performing drive testing for wireless signal coverage.

Fiber, OTDR:

Testing of fiber cables and installations and OTDR testing.


Testing of passive inter-modulation (PIM)

Implementation Management


Providing a centralized project management office for large scale projects.


Preparing project plans, scope and documents to guide the execution and control of telecom network implementation and expansion projects.

Quality Control:

Formulating written procedures and measure to control the execution of telecom network implementation and expansion projects.

Telecom & MW Work Orders: Preparing formal consent with detailed instructions, work specifications, time frame and cost estimates to be used a blanket authorization for contractors and internal suppliers to perform TI and microwave installations.

Warehouse Management:

Providing methodology and facilities to manage and control storing, staging and delivery of equipment, cables and consumables for telecom network implementation and expansion projects.

Other Services